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About the ICMC Webinar Series

Welcome to the International Crisis Management Conference Webinar Series. Between our annual conferences, ICMC provides several free webinars throughout the year. The sessions are live and interactive with a range of subjects from the fields of crisis, emergency, business continuity and security management. Our speakers have a vast amount of experience within their respective domains and their presentations provide a wealth of information that can’t be found anywhere else. We hope to see you on the next free ICMC webinar.

March 22th, 2017

3 Steps to an Effective Crisis Management Briefing Cycle

Rob Burton

Conference Director

When you have a situation that is building rapidly, and don’t have a good handle on what’s going on, it is important to conduct disciplined briefing cycles. If your briefing cycles are disciplined, the management of the crisis will run smoother.

In this free webinar, Rob Burton will describe his three-stepped approach that will help you achieve a comprehensive briefing cycle process.

What will you learn?

  1. What is The Briefing Cycle?
  2. Advantages of a Disciplined Briefing
  3. The Initial and Continual Briefings
  4. The 3 Stepped Process
  5. What Next?

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