ICMC FREE Webinar – September 28th, 2017 at 11:00 AM ET

Topic: Creating A Crisis Management Plan

Presented by: Mark Hoffman

About this Webinar:

In this Webinar, we will cover the following:

1. Why having a plan is imperative
2. Start creating your plan
3. About the plan
4. Crisis Communication
5. Training the Crisis Management Team
6. Exercising the plan
7. Plan execution and triggers
8. Periodic updates and maintenance
9. Summary

About Mark Hoffman:

Mark is an Independent certified business continuity professional consultant with a focus on BCM Programs that integrate crisis management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. He is also a Professional Member of ICMC.

Who Should Attend?

Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Security Management, Cyber-Security, Resilience Management, Corporate Security, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment.


Cost: $FREE


Organizations have a responsibility to respond to and manage events that may impact their operations and reputation. Having pre-planned crisis management processes, and procedures, may prevent a simmering issue from becoming a full-blown crisis. In addition to the prevention of a crisis, crisis planning allows you to create response processes that ensure you’re organized and effective in the midst of a crisis. This webinar will take you through crisis planning considerations and various stages of the creation and validation of crisis plans.

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