ICMC Webinar – June 20th, 2018 at 1:00 PM ET

Station Blackout – An Insider’s Perspective on Extreme Crisis Leadership during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


Host: Robert Burton

Guest: Dr. Charles “Chuck” Casto

About this Webinar:

Webinar Description:

On March 11, 2011, the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake struck the Tohoku region. Known as “3/11” in Japan, everyone there remembers the many lives lost and the heroes who emerged that day much as we remember our own 9/11. You could feed the 9.0 earthquake as far away as Antarctica. The Earth moved on its axis. The ensuing tsunami was enormous, with multiple ocean waves as high as four- and five-story buildings, it overwhelmed villages up and down the Sendai Coast. It swept tens of thousands of people and other creatures to their deaths in minutes; never finding thousands upon thousands of victims. It changed the region’s landscape permanently by falling roads, bridges, homes, and buildings.

Chuck Casto’s new book, slated for publishing in December 2018, “Station Blackout – Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Recovery,” chronicles the emotional leadership stories through the eyes of three Fukushima leaders.  It places you in the Fukushima control rooms and emergency operating facilities facing unfathomable leadership challenges.  These leaders faced countless dangers; two of their colleagues died while many others, even though fearing for their lives, carried out kamikaze-like missions to vent the reactor containments. There were no lights, no controls, no reason to stay and every reason to flee. Their boss knew he had to give them a reason to stay and guide them through the challenges they faced. How does a leader lead in those conditions? How does the leader get his workers to follow when their emotions, their feet—and even their common sense—tell them not to? On those cataclysmic days, these leaders succeeded under the toughest possible conditions. The leadership lessons to be learned from their incredible experiences are invaluable.

About the Guest:

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Casto, led the integrated US Government and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) efforts in Japan, for one year, during the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. Working directly with the U.S. Ambassador, and coordinating with the NRC’s Emergency Operations Center, he represented the United States Government to the Japanese Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Chuck is the co-author of a Harvard Business Review article – “How the Other Fukushima Plant Survived,” July/August 2014, which gives the insider perspective from the events at the other Fukushima nuclear plant – Fukushima Daini.

Who Should Attend?

Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Security Management, Cyber-Security, Resilience Management, Corporate Security, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment.


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