ICMC Virtual Conference

Day 2, to be Rescheduled

What is the ICMC Virtual Conference?

The annual ICMC Virtual Crisis Management Conference provides participants with the opportunity to increase their crisis management knowledge and skills through a series of live and interactive presentations. There will be six sessions. Various crisis management and crisis communications experts will deliver these sessions that will be hosted by the ICMC team.

Each session will be streamed live with the opportunity for attendee Q&A through the chat box. Once you register you will be sent more details on how to log in for each presentation. All sessions will be recorded so in the event of technical difficulties or if you are unable to make the live presentation you will be able to view at a later time.

This conference blew my expectations out of the water, I was both personally moved and professionally motivated. I look forward to attending future conferences.

Lisa S.

Business Continuity Manager , Global Financial Service Company

Who should attend this virtual conference?

  1. Corporate crisis management and communications leaders and their teams
  2. Nonprofit organizations that are looking to start or expand their crisis preparedness capabilities
  3. Business continuity professionals looking to expand their knowledge
  4. Emergency management leaders and their response partners
  5. Security teams that are looking to integrate their plans and process into a crisis management program
  6. Those wanting to develop a crisis management programs that include training, planning and exercising

Agenda and Speakers

Day 1

November 15th

10:00 – 11:00 AM EST

About Antonio

12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Conroy Boxhill

Managing Director

Porter Novelli
About Conroy

Conroy Boxhill is a senior communications executive with more than 20 years of experience helping brands build and protect their reputation.
In his current role as Managing Director of Porter Novelli’s Atlanta, Conroy leads a high-performing team of individuals who work with major brands to anticipate, plan and capitalize on sudden or planned shifts in their business operations.

Conroy has extensive expertise working with the C-suite and Boards of Directors to formulate strategic reputation and communications programs to transform their business. His crisis and issues management work for clients such as the Atlanta Hawks, Delta, Papa John’s and Newell Rubbermaid have received several industry awards for excellence. In 2015, Conroy was named one of PR Week’s 40 under 40 brand champions for outstanding professional achievement in the industry.

Prior to joining Porter Novelli, Conroy worked for EdelmanPublic Relations (New York, London, Atlanta. He earned a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and masters in communications management from Syracuse University.


Actions matter more than words: the new reputation reality for brands

In today's marketplace, it doesn't take long for a brand's misdeeds to be made public. Sadly, consumers have become somewhat desensitized to bad behavior from companies; however, it doesn't mean brands are off the hook.

While it is expected that mistakes will be made, there is a heightened expectations that brands will act swiftly, decisively and will follow-up in the event that they have failed to live up to a commitment.

This session will provide four principles that brands should consider in the management of reputation threats.

2:00 – 3:00 PM EST

About Leanne

December 7th, 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Heather Engel

Chief Strategy Officer

Sera-Brynn, LLC
About Heather

Heather Engel is Chief Strategy Officer at Sera-Brynn, a globally ranked cyber risk management firm. She has over 18 years of experience in risk management, cyber security, business continuity planning, and security program development. Prior to Sera-Brynn, Ms. Engel assisted government agencies in securing advanced information systems and coordinating cyber warfare exercises.

She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor. Ms. Engel graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and holds an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. She is Women in Business Honoree and sits on the board of Virginia Economic Development Partnership.


When the Crisis is a Data Breach: Coordinating Breach Response Across the Organization

Managing a crisis activates senior teams across your organization to identify and contain risks and exposures. When the crisis is a data breach, how does that change your incident management process? In this webinar, Heather Engel, Chief Strategy Officer at Sera-Brynn, will discuss what the Crisis Management Team can expect from the cyber-security team during triage, investigation, and forensic analysis, including roles, responsibilities, and internal and external communications. Taking simple steps before a data breach will ensure crisis management plans have the strategies and processes to limit the damage and successfully respond to a data incident.

December 11th, 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST

About Richard

Supporting your people after critical events

Much time and huge amounts of resources are often directed at the practical aspects of critical event management, but organisations are often ill prepared for the psychological fallout from critical events. Responsibility for staff welfare after events is often delegated to counsellors at an early stage. This is not always the most effective approach and even if it is, there remains a long term requirement to manage organisational morale and to support those who may be affected by their experiences.

In this presentation we will discuss how an organisation can establish a support system before the event and the key actions that may help to mitigate adverse reactions. Why are the characteristics of a traumatic event important? what should you expect? what reactions may follow? and how can peer support be useful. We'll also talk about identifying the risk factors associated with poor mental health after traumatic events. Managing declining mental health and post traumatic reactions are capabilities that organisations need. Risk assessment, early intervention, signposting to professional help, establishing supportive management policies and environments are all crucial.

In this presentation we'll look at all of these factors and how you can support your people.

December 13th, 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST

Crisis Management Speaker, Author, Strategic Advisor

About Melissa

Discover the Roadmap for Building Brand Invincibility

Bad things happen to good companies. And issues come in all sort of sizes. Being crisis ready means that your brand isn’t just able to withstand the bad, but it’s able to transform any negative situation into something that has a positive outcome for your organization—making your brand INVINCIBLE.

Becoming crisis ready is a process. It’s not something that just happens overnight. Fortunately, there’s a method to this process that can take any organization, of any size, type, and industry—including yours—from its current level of crisis readiness, straight through to building brand invincibility.

This process is based off of the Crisis Ready Model, which is the model that Melissa Agnes has developed throughout her years of helping organizations—from international corporations, to government agencies around the world—become crisis ready and build brand invincibility. Melissa’s Crisis Ready Model continues to be adopted into undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programs around the world.

In this session, Melissa takes you through the five phases of the model, and provides you with strategies, tactics, and takeaways to adapt this framework to help you meet your organization’s crisis ready needs and objectives.

If you are looking to strengthen your organization’s crisis readiness and would benefit from being provided with the precise framework to help you accomplish this, then this is a presentation you don’t want to miss.

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