The lineup for the 4th Annual International Crisis Management Conferences. As with previous years ICMC has assembled an great list of speakers from multiple industries and disciplines within the field of crisis management.

David Fortino

Regional Continuity Manager, FEMA Region II

David Fortino has more than 15 years of experience in emergency management, specializing in emergency response operations, preparedness, recovery, crisis management and business continuity.

Currently, Mr. Fortino is the Regional Continuity Manager for FEMA Region II. In this position, Mr. Fortino provides expert continuity and crisis management guidance and advice to all Federal, State, territorial, tribal, and local governments on appropriate training programs to include coordination, oversight, management, and leadership for plans and programs, and test, training, and exercises (TT&E), including lead trainer for continuity related train-the-trainer courses, multi-year strategies, and overall program implementation.

Previously, Mr. Fortino spent 9 years at the Madison Ambulance Association and North Branford Fire Department. At Madison Ambulance Association, Mr. Fortino was the Chief of Service. Furthermore, he is certified as an EMT, Firefighter II, Fire Instructor, and Hazmat Operations. Mr. Fortino has his B.A. from the University of Connecticut in Urban and Regional Studies

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Molly McPherson

Crisis Communications Consultant, Molly McPherson

Molly McPherson, M.S., APR, combines her knowledge of current communication practices with years of news and public relations experience to develop the right plans and messaging for clients to protect and build their reputations. Molly is the host of the Confident Communications podcast and frequently speaks about crisis communications, public relations and social media crisis response to executives and organizations. Molly was Director of Communications for the Cruise Line International Association in Arlington, VA. More recently, she worked with FEMA’s Office of External Affairs during post-Hurricane Katrina efforts and helped launch their first social media program. She is firmly grounded in the belief that communicating trust and transparency both online and off is key to an organization’s success in the modern age.

The New Rules of Reputation Management: Best Practices for Determining If, When and How to Respond to a Crisis That Blows Up on Social

As more and more consumers are finding new ways to be heard, the same rules of response no longer apply. Social media and online activism have transformed reputation threat, particularly with the speed at which issues can blow up online. How should an organization respond, if at all?

This session will offer critical learnings from “ripped-from-the-headlines” examples and provide best practices for managing hot-button issues in today’s sensitive communications environment.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how organizations can be proactive and vigilant when protecting their professional brand as well as the brand of the organization during an online attack.
  • Understand the power of social media and public opinion when dissatisfied customers create a Facebook Group against the organization.
  • Formulate a plan of action for how to react both internally and externally when a polarizing event arises.
  • Discuss when to dismiss anonymous communication and when to take it seriously.

Shaun Brown

Global Head of Incident Management for Information Systems, Bloomberg L.P.

Shaun Brown is the Global Head of Incident Management for Information Systems at Bloomberg LP in New York City and an Officer in the United States Army. He has received multiple awards for leading and collaborating a multi-functional platoon with the Harris County Department of Engineers during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. When not working, Shaun enjoys spending time with his new baby girl, Eden, and his lovely wife Allie. Shaun is a true Texan, born and raised, and loves the movie Fletch.

Riding a Bicycle Whilst Managing Incidents

In this discussion, Shaun will communicate the similarities between riding a bicycle and performing Incident Management.

Eric Littmann

Former Union President, Las Vegas Firefighters IAFF L1285

Eric Littmann was the Union President of Las Vegas Firefighters IAFF L1285 at the time of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting. Eric has 25 years of experience in the fire service and served multiple roles at Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, including Fire Captain, Fire Training Captain, Recruit Training Captain, and Peer Support Team member. Eric retired from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue in October 2018 after more than 20 years of service and returned to his roots in Boston, Ma. where he currently works at the Medfield Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting: PTSD, Behavioral Health, and Leadership Through Peer Support in the Aftermath

This presentation will review the events of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting in Las Vegas and the behavioral health challenges faced by responders and off duty fire-rescue personnel at the scene. Additionally, the presentation includes the roles and responsibilities that the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Peer Support Team, IAFF Peer Support, and therapy dog teams played in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy as well as critical incidents occurring every day for fire-rescue personnel within a major metropolitan area.

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